RebusFarm 3.0 Software

  • The RebusFarm 3.0 software checks and starts your render job from inside your 3D software.
  • When finished, the render farm automatically saves the rendered frames to a local folder of your choice.
  • Using AutoMode, the render farm can do the entire rendering process with just one mouse click.


Download for Windows

RebusDrop Download

Ready for windows 7 / 8 / 10s and newer

Download for Windows


Supported Software

  • Autodesk® 3DS Max®Autodesk 3ds Max®
  • MAXON Cinema 4DMAXON Cinema 4D
  • Autodesk® Maya®Autodesk Maya®
  • Autodesk® Softimage®Autodesk Softimage®
  • BlenderBlender
  • The Foundry MODO®The Foundry MODO®
  • NewTek Lightwave®NewTek Lightwave®
  • Next Limit Technologies Maxwell Render™Next Limit Technologies Maxwell Render™


Video Tutorials for RebusFarm

We've got some short video tutorials to quickly get you familiar with the Rebus Renderfarm software.


RebusFarm 2.0 Software

In case you want to switch back to the old software version 2.0 you can download it here. Please note that we will stop supporting RebusFarm 2.0 in a few months.



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